Dr.Chanth Seyone

Dr. Seyone is a Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Psychiatry with additional post-fellowship training in Neuropsychiatry, Sleep Medicine and Community Psychiatry.

He was the Founding Director of the Acquired Brain Injury Clinic at the Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network.  This clinic was established by him to assess and manage patients with brain injuries acquired after birth.  It also attempted to follow patients longitudinally. The clinic was moved in January 2018 to Richmond Hill (The address is given below). Dr. Seyone is still on staff at the University Health Network, but mainly does academic activities there currently.

In addition, Dr. Seyone consults to a number of community based brain injury organizations (CHIRS, Mind Forward, YSBIS, OMOD - Pan Am, BICR, PACE) and various legal and insurance firms. He is active in teaching undergraduate, as well as graduate students, other doctors and allied health-care professionals. He is on the academic faculty of the University of Toronto and holds the rank of Assistant Professor. He has won the prestigious Ivan silver Award for Excellence in Mental Health Education for a workshop titled “A Road Map to Acquired Brain Injury”. He is involved in research and has numerous publications and presentations to his credit.

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